Global Meetups

Would you love to connect with like-hearted people in your area, who are into the experience of their ascension process, so you can share it and support each other? Are they feeling like you do? How do they handle the energies? How do they deal with physical symptoms and changes in their personal environment? What do they think about the global change we are in and how do they feel about it? Would you like to share what you've learned from ascension guides and discuss their content or talk about nutrition or so much more? Are you just looking for people on a similar path than yours, with whom it's completely normal to talk about Spirit Guides, Light Language and Starseeds, with whom you can go out in nature or create? Having fun? Enjoying life? Being there for one another? Would you like to meditate together or do energy healings?


You can click on the continent and search by country. There you can click on the name of the city in order to get to the meetup itself and see further information about it. If there is already a national website for the country you are looking for, you're getting redirected to this one by clicking on the country name, so you won't find a list with local meetups here, but overthere.


We are just building the network, so the country you are looking for might not be listed yet. Do you want to host meetups or become a coordinator for your country? We would love to welcome you in our tribe!


Do you already host meetups concerning the spiritual process of ascension? Would you love to list them here so they can be found easily by new attendees? Please send us the link to your meetup.

What do we mean by "ascension process"?


Roughly, it's a path towards higher and expanded consciousness, on which we remember our true divine nature. We experience ourselves once again in unity with all there is, remember our natural energy frequency and align with our highest aspects to the benefit of all concerned. We are using spiritual practices and modalities, such as meditation and energy healing, we are activating our DNA through codes of light, exploring our subconscious mind in order to dissolve limiting thought patterns and habits, we are opening our hearts wide up, letting go of duality, moving to divine neutrality, we remember ourselves as our most lightful selves and embody pure Source consciousness by choosing pure Love and dissolving all fear.



What does ascension mean to you? Share it during your next ascension meetup.