Welcome to Ascension Experiences

We support you in finding or organizing your Ascension meetup & we connect globally.

Our goal is to create a global network, which organizes meetups concerning the ascension process in cooperation with you. We would like to provide information and support to you as a future host of such meetups and also show you as a future attendee where to find them.

Information about how to organize a meetup in your city, finding attendees, suggestions for topics and the realization of your meetups, our logo to download and much more.


Do you already host ascension meetups & would like to list them here?

Would you love to support us in spreading our idea, to become a coordinator in your country or your state/region/province and find hosts for local meetups, serve as a contact person for them etc.? Do you know other people who would like to do this for their country or state? Could you help us in spreading it globally? We are glad to welcome you in our tribe! Together we can accomplish much more.

Are you looking for like-hearted people in order to share the experiences of your ascension process? Exchanging, supporting etc.? Are you looking for new friends who are into the same topics? Are you looking for physical community beyond virtual ones? Are you traveling or new to your country?


Find meetups in your region.

Would you like to spread our vision and assist us in this? Find pictures to share via Instagram, Facebook etc.

Besides our physical meetups we are connecting energetically every week during the SUNday Unity Meditations. They are taking place every Sunday at 2:11 pm, 5:11 pm and 8:11 pm Central European Time, so you could choose the timeframe which suits you best, and they are held for 33 minutes. When meditating we are focussing on global Unity, Peace, Love and Ascension for all willing hearts. Feel free to meditate in silence or doing a guided meditation, which is downloadable via the link below. Meditate in nature, at home, alone, with friends... Follow your intuition.


Here you can find an introduction and pictures to share via Instagram or Facebook and inform your friends about it:

Get notifications concerning our monthly international video calls for hosts & news of our international website AscensionExperiences.com.