About us

Our vision is to give people around the globe the opportunity to be part of a spiritual community that takes place in the physical so they can walk their ascension path together. Support each other. Answer questions. Share experiences. Find friends. Have fun. Inspire each other. Be there for each other on challenging days. Share what moves them. Explore nature. Know people to talk about out-of-body experiences, Spirit Guides, visions, lucid dreaming and other topics, because they are experiencing them, too. And so much more. Experiences that are all part of the ascension path. That's why Ascension Experiences was created so that a global network is actually created in the physical and we become One in this regard, too. Or remind us that we are already One. Together with you. Only together, as a whole, we can achieve this.


We are providing the initial framework and getting the snowball rolling by spreading the idea as much as possible and actively engaging in finding many contacts to bring Ascension Experiences to all continents, all countries and all regions / provinces, etc. From there on, the project is what you make out of it. In the end, it is a project made up of all of us for all of us. We welcome you to become part of the whole and support us. We are looking forward to getting in contact with you, networking and building community together. You can participate by becoming a coordinator for your country or state / region, by hosting meetings in your city, by attending them, and by spreading the Ascension Experiences vision to encompass as many areas of Gaia as possible.



So the page "About us" should be about all of us. In case you are interested nevertheless in who's behind the rolling snowball and how it all came to be:


In January 2019, Christie Kennedy (living in North Dallas, Texas) used Meetup.com to set up a monthly meetup focused on ascension to find like-hearted people in order to exchange ideas, share experiences, support each other and walk the ascension path together. (You can find the whole story by clicking on the button below.) Christie mentioned the meeting to Ascension Guide Sandra Walter, who suggested the idea of creating a template that could be used by anyone to create an Ascension Experiences meeting. Based on that, Christie created the website with input from Sandra. Shortly thereafter I, Carina Sorger (by this time living in Düsseldorf, Germany, now in Portugal), wrote an email to Sandra, with a request to spread a digital flyer created by me on her social media. I was looking for like-hearted people in my area with interests in ascension topics. That same day, Sandra forwarded my email to Christie, who answered immediately. It was followed by an exchange via email, then by our first video call and so our cooperation started. She continued to build the international website, I focused on how the original idea could become a global movement. Dream big! I love to think about how anyone who wants to can find a community in their area so they do not have to walk their paths alone no matter where they live on this wonderful planet and that we are all interwoven by this platform. I love that idea.


In case you are interested in what I'm doing when not spreading the word about Ascension Experiences, visit my personal website.   (It's in German maybe Google Translate may help.)


Here is the story of how Christie came to build Ascension Experiences. You can also watch her talk about this in a video.

Carina Sorger, Düsseldorf
Christie Kennedy